Future Plans

Company’s core business is coal and coke and so our objective is to hoist our market share by delivering world-class quality products at the most competitive prices. Our business approach towards this industry is completely distinct from those of our competitors and our strategy is more like a business to consumer marketing rather than a business to business marketing. To achieve this we ensure maximum consumer satisfaction by exceeding their expectations and even providing after sales service.

FUTURE PLANS : We at SATL, always zeal our team to attain new heights by thrusting performance to new frontiers. In a very short period of time, the company has accomplished many milestones and has set new benchmarks for the industry. Company’s long term vision has always been clear and in order to achieve those the short term goal needs to be precise and timely. This will be realized with the help of a structured planning and execution process. Down the line five years from now on, SATL’s proposition year by year is: