Lam Coke

World market is a highly competitive and fierce one and to meet the rising challenges & requirements of customers, You have to constantly innovate. We at SATL consistently try to change our work dynamics and push the barrier to achieve the unthinkable. Manufacturing superior qualityproduct along with prompt service helps us in achieving the same. We have rationalised various channels of distribution which allows us lower turn around time.

SATL Coke is one of the only few companies which exports metallurgical coke in a country which is import dominant. We have developed the infrastructure and have gained the expertise for export loading over the past few years. Our close proximity to ports like Kandla & Mundra gives us an extra advantage. We are supplying our product to numerous customers in various countries across Indian subcontinent and Middle East. We are exporting our product to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Oman.

Our export strategy is two fold.

  • Coke in break bulk

    • We can supply quantity ranging from 1000 MT – 10000 MT via break bulk through Kandla port.

    • We can supply it either in barges or in small vessels.

  • Coke in containers

    • We are one of the only few companies which can provide coke even in containers. Coke is loaded either loose or in jumbo bags and can be supplied through 20 FCL or 40 FCL. Coke is loaded entirely manually to avoid any breakage or undersize generation. This is a USP of our export strategy.

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